Unibet Review Preface One of the reasons why Unibet have been consequently successful within the gambling sector has been the company’s drive to keep improving and keep offering up a better product than their competitors. Ever since Ander Strom decided in 1997 that he would open the doors on Unibet, the company have continuing to progress and improve. It was Strom’s eyesight to tap into the online sector that has untimely seen them get where they are today. The company started to take wagers over the phone and then by simply 1999 had launched their particular online betting site. Unibet soon took off and changed into a PLC with Pontus Lesse being appointed innovative CEO, securing their initial gaming license in Fanghiglia in the process. Nowadays they are now offering their merchandise in over 100 countries and have 1, 400+ personnel based all over the world. Given that they happen.
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